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So, how does it work?

It’s simple, contact us using one of the below contact methods and give us the details of the course/s you would like to sell online.

  1. We send you a DropBox/Google Drive Folder link where you upload all your course contents and we put it into an online course format.
  2. Students purchase your course and you get paid for each enrolment. COURSE SAMPLE HERE
  3. You will be given your own Tutor portal where you can log in to see purchases and your current balance. When you wish to cash-in your accumulated earnings, you select your pay-out method and we transfer your earnings into your bank account.
  4. Short Bio required for students to know a little bit more about the instructor. BIO SAMPLE HERE
  5. No registration as a teacher or instructor required, no business registration or VAT registration required.
  6. Students register, sign up and pay on our site and once their payment is processed they will automatically receive the course details and can immediately start the course.
  7. Once students have completed your course, they will automatically receive a digital and traceable certificate right to their emails.
  8. Dedicated IT support from our partners at YWYWAY.COM, no need for you to do any programming, coding, design, etc. [No additional word required from your side, the whole process is simple and automatic, make money while you sleep]
  9. As the courses are online there is no need for you to do anything after your course is loaded and live. Students can access the courses 24/7 from all over the world and can be completed on PC, Tablet or Smartphone.
  10. An initial setup fee of R500 is charged to do all the programming, layout and setup of your course. No need for you to do anything.
  11. EduLine retains an admin fee of 20% of each sale. (For example, if your course is priced at R100 and a student successfully purchases the course, R80 will immediately be put into your Tutor profile and EduLine retains R20 for the purposes of site maintenance, invoicing, updates, etc)
  12. Irrespective of how many courses EduLine has during the initial launch phase, your course will be available to students as it will have its own unique website address. (This will be shared with you for further marketing and personal use)

Full T’s & C’s Available HERE

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